Community Focused Programs

communityMulti-County Crime Stoppers (MCCS) is conducting fundraising at the general program level.  You can direct your donation to a more specific area such as the County level or for a specific school district if they have an active program. Funds raised will be applied to the 168 schools across the 15 school districts in the three-county area at the discretion of Crime Stpppers, Inc. 

Multi-county Crime Stoppers is also seeking to partner with other community organizations to raise funds targeted for specific districts and/or individual schools.  In this partnership, Crime Stoppers will:

  • coordinate with district and school leadership to gain program approval
  • determine funding requirements for individual schools or districts
  • provide master copies of program promotional materials
  • provide a dedicated page on this website for accepting, processing, and tracking donations against goals
  • provide program presentations for meetings and related events

The partner organization is then responsible for promotional and fundraising activities needed to reach the required fund level.  All funds raised will be restricted for use in the targeted schools or district.  Once the target level is reached, Multi-County Crime Stoppers will purchase the Bearacades® and coordinate with the local facilities for deployment. 

If you are interested in sponsoring a facility or district, please contact the MCCS Coordinator Steven Squier.

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